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We are part of the comprehensive law movement, which views the practise of law as having the ability to be a positive force for the resolution of conflict, and as a healing profession. We practise wholistic lawyering with mindfulness and clear intention knowing that it allows us the opportunity to help others in a meaningful way.



We do things differently from other adversarial lawyers and law firms in Waterloo Region. Our approach is to first get to know our clients and then to provide them with useful information and solutions that fit their specific needs. We explicitly seek to optimize human well-being in the practise of law, the resolution of legal disputes, and the resolution of legal matters provided that doing so does not impinge or reduce the legal rights of the individuals involved. And we know that is what makes us unique and attractive to our clients. We believe that lawyers can be peacemakers, problem solvers, and healers of conflict while at the same time being strong advocates for their clients. Effective problem-solving does not require aggressive positioning and adversarial litigation. 


We seek to transform the practise of law through education and support of wholistic practise. "Holistic" is often viewed in medicine as a way to describe a form of healing. "Wholistic" is a natural evolution of "holistic" that focuses on the needs of the whole person. There is a movement occurring among judges and lawyers that these concepts can be applied to the legal community. We advocate and support wholistic practise of law that focuses on the whole person and the whole of the problem. We seek healthier ways to resolve legal disputes than an adversarial approach to conflict resolution and the resulting stress that follows. Transitioning to and promoting peacekeeping and healing within the legal profession through alternative dispute resolution processes that look at the needs of the whole person and the whole family allows the client to obtain the best advice and assistance from legal, financial, and family professionals while focusing on the healing and well-being of the client and their family after separation.


Albert Einstein said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." Wholistic approaches to the law focus on the mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being of a client or couple to move past conflict. We take a preventative and collaborative approach as part of how we assist clients with conflict resolution and problem-solving. We focus on solutions not blame. We focus on the present and future needs of our clients. We focus on being proactive rather than reactive. We take pride in resolving disputes cost-effectively. Very often, that means out of court settlement while ensuring that our clients reach favourable terms that meet their interests and goals.


Wholistic practise involves an awareness and understanding of one's self and how a client's interests, values, beliefs and goals are viewed by others and then acting in accordance with this awareness and understanding. It is essential for helping clients to identify and move past conflict and to resolve disputes. By focusing on the present, we are able to explore what is currently happening with each client and their family. We encourage our clients to explore how we all behave differently when we act wholistically. How we behave at any given moment is relevant to the extent that we need to be mindful of why we are acting in a certain manner. When we become aware of why we commit particular actions, how we do it and its effect upon others becomes more significant to our understanding of ourself and our environment. Wholistic lawyering requires the client to have awareness and understanding of the cause and effect of past behaviour and conflict, the responsible acceptance of consequences, and a personal commitment of the parties to change. Our challenge as wholistic lawyers is to not only understand our clients' problems, but to also have mindfulness and awareness of the resulting manifestation that each problem has for the client and their family. We use this awareness and understanding to help our clients make conscious and educated decisions. Decisions that are right for them and for their family in order to reach their goals, find balance in their daily lives, move forward from conflict, or undertake new challenges in a productive and sustainable manner. 


 We do not commence unnecessary litigation.


We know that very few clients enjoy going to court. It is costly, emotionally draining, adversarial, and is rarely a pleasant experience. The court system is simply not designed to effectively deal with family conflict. While litigation was designed to resolve disputes, it often creates an unnecessary hostile approach to conflict resolution where the psychological needs of the participants to be heard and to obtain a sense of "justice" are rarely achieved. Hiring the most aggressive and adversarial lawyer does not resolve your dispute. In reality, hiring the meanest lawyer on the block escalates conflict, and it frequently creates new conflict for the couple and their children because the focus shifts to blame and anger which prevents dispute resolution.


Resolving conflict requires more than simply knowing your legal rights, duties or obligations.


When resolving conflict in your case, we consider more than simply strict legal rights, duties or obligations. We will examine the interests, goals, values, beliefs, resources, relationships, psychological dynamics, and other non-legal factors in reviewing your legal problems and providing creative legal solutions. The insights provided by social science-based methods for understanding the

intra-personal and inter-personal dynamics of conflict in legal disputes are important in collaborative problem solving. We work with a team of dedicated and experienced family professionals who help our families to heal and move past conflict. 


We help clients resolve their legal problems by applying an interest-based approach to conflict resolution through collaborative negotiations and mediation. Now more than ever, the courts have called on counsel and parties to attempt to negotiate in good faith and to use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to resolve disputes such as mediation, collaborative family law, and arbitration.


Most disputes can be resolved outside of court.


We are skilled and experienced litigators, and we are not afraid to litigate when it is truly necessary. But in our experience, litigation is often not required to successfully resolve disputes. Clients often find themselves in the litigation process because a lawyer told them that was the process to take and did not offer them better options to resolve their dispute. In offering an alternative to the traditional approach to adversarial law and lawyering, we know that many clients have benefited from our contribution to the comprehensive law and restorative movement through the advancement of the law as a healing profession that helps to ameliorate some of the dissatisfaction that clients often find with the court process.


Lawyering as a healing profession.


At Sherman Law LLP, we seek to move families forward towards healing, to provide a form of security and stability for our clients in the midst of uncertainty, and to always advance children's best interests. We strive for an inclusive, respectful and supportive work environment that embraces our differences and values the experiences and perspectives of all of our clients and staff.



And we believe that there are six essential steps to conflict resolution,

which we apply in helping you reach a favourable outcome to your case...










We put clients first, and we help you move forward towards healing.


We built our success around our core values -- we put clients first, and our vision -- to move families forward towards healing, to provide our clients with a measure of security and stability in the midst of uncertainty, and to always advance children's best interests. We approach every client with respect, compassion, and understanding because our success and reputation depends on your satisfaction. Your best interests will always be of principal consideration, and we will always return your calls and emails. At Sherman Law LLP, we maintain a culture of excellence, whereby our lawyers and dedicated staff will give your concerns the full and proper attention that you deserve. We are committed to providing you with legal services that use the very best strategies, resources, and creative options available in our industry. Because to our team, “We are in this together, your family and ours” ®TM is not just a claim, it is our promise.



We listen to you, and we provide you with good advice.


We understand that very few clients enjoy having to seek out the assistance of a lawyer. For many, it can be an extremely stressful, challenging, and emotional time. We work hard to ensure that our interactions with you will be a pleasant experience by actively listening to your concerns, views, and opinions about your legal problems in order to understand your goals. But we will not do so blindly. We believe that lawyers telling you what you want to hear or downplaying your risks does not serve your interests. We know that clients come to our firm for good advice, and that is what we offer. We will provide you with creative options to achieve your goals and resolve your disputes while being candid and forthright with you at all times. We will not suggest a process of conflict resolution that does not make sense for you or your family. The “right” solution will be the one that is best for you.



We communicate with you.


Time after time, we hear stories of clients who have sought out our services after being very unhappy with previous counsel at other regional and national firms. The number one complaint we hear from clients about other firms is that they failed to communicate with their clients. That is why we work hard to devote the necessary resources and communication required to address your needs promptly and with sensitivity. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and client service. We use modern methods of communication including teleconference, email, and virtual meetings including Zoom video conference to ensure that we keep you updated on your legal problem and case in a timely manner. We work as a team and your feedback is important and valued throughout your case.



We present creative options.


When dealing with a legal problem, it helps to know that you have someone highly skilled on your side. Our highly skilled lawyers use alternatives to traditional litigation including collaborative family lawmediation, and arbitration to resolve our clients’ disputes. We will exercise sound judgment, and we will arm you with information and advice that you need in order to understand your options. If you are at an impasse with your conflict or legal problem, we will provide creative options and tools to help you continue to move forward to dispute resolution. You will be included in all of the decision-making by applying an interest-based approach to conflict resolution that focuses on your needs, desires, concerns and fears in examining the underlying reasons for your position and helping you achieve a favourable outcome.




We apply a strategic and practical approach to your case.


We understand that not every situation can be resolved through negotiation or mediation despite our best efforts to achieve a fair settlement. We will apply a strategic and practical approach to your case by applying a methodical approach to litigation procedure. You can rest assured that our lawyers have the experience and skills gained from many years of appearing in all levels of family court in Waterloo Region and the Province of Ontario. If we find that our recommendations are not working, we will adapt our approach or bring in a third party specialist, such as a financial planner, social worker or psychologist for expert assistance in continuing to move you through the litigation process towards resolution. We know that court can be very expensive. That is why we work hard to make sure that we respect your finances by using cost-effective strategies to advance reasonable settlement and resolve disputes.  



We will strive to resolve your dispute in a timely manner.


We know that you want your dispute resolved as quickly and cost-effectively as possible because no one enjoys the stress and expense of litigation. We will strive to resolve your court case in a timely manner to avoid long and delayed legal proceedings and the resulting cost of a trial. Our experience in court provides us with a helpful perspective in moving your case forward with a common-sense approach towards resolution. Very often, that means that your case can be resolved without the need for a costly trial. If a trial is required, we will stand with you before the courts with unwavering resolve while tirelessly advocating for your interests. We understand that every case and every family is unique, and we are ready to put our breadth of experience and knowledge at your service.





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